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opening oysters

When opening an oyster you should protect your hands. Hold the oyster with a glove or dishcloth. Place the oyster on a firm surface, such as a cutting board, flat side up and place the tip of a shucking knife into the hinge of the oyster. Push the tip of the knife in firmly and then, with a twisting motion, pry the shells apart. Once the shells are pried apart, slip the knife along the bottom of the top shell severing the muscle. Remove the top shell to expose the meat and liquor of the oyster. Cut the muscle under the meat in the same manner and enjoy.

If cooking the oysters, you can use the microwave or oven to assist in the shucking. Oven method: place oysters cup down on baking sheet, covered in a layer of rock salt, in an oven at 375-400°F until the shells begin to open. Remove from oven and pry off top shell to expose the meat. Microwave method: place oysters in the microwave on high for two minutes. Cook time may vary depending on microwave.